No Friends but Iranians


He who does not speak of the Iranian Regime
shall remain silent on matters of the Islamic State.

„Under the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, more people are executed than under his predecessor Ahmadinejad. Everyone is looking at ISIS and their barbaric deeds. The only difference to the Iranian regime: ISIS is proud of its murders, Iran is executing them surreptitiously behind prison walls and cowardly denies them. The world has to understand that a dialogue with this regime of murderers in impossible.
Only pressure helps.“

(Fariborz Jabbari, uncle of Reyhaneh Jabbari
who was executed by the Iranian regime in October 2014)

Theses on the Syrian Desaster
August - December 2014
I      The Role of the IRI in Iraq & Syria
II     Assad and the Islamic State
III    Iran's "boots on the ground"

No Friends but Iranians,
Qassem Suleimani (3rd from left),
commander of the Quds force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC),
posing with a group of Peshmerga in Iraqi Kurdistan